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Mold accumulation in residential or commercial properties where people reside or work, can be very harmful to their health, as mold lessens air quality the more it grows – and once it is there, it’s there to stay and it grows faster than you might think.

Lengthy exposure to mold spores may result in serious health implications including allergies, respiratory problems, and even more serious difficulties, predominantly in elderly people and infants.

The main problem with mold is that you can’t always tell for sure if it is there, due to the fact that in its preliminary stages it’s quite unnoticeable. So if you notice black spots, for example, on the wall it means that the mold is already in its advanced stages and that it already affects the air quality in the premises.

Mold Testing on a Regular Basis

Everything mentioned above, on top of other health implications caused by mold, is the reason why it is so important to have your house tested for mold on a regular basis. At Mold Inspection Warriors, we advise you to have your house inspected for mold before you move into a new house and about once a year, right after the summer season – that will provide you with peace of mind regarding mold and air quality at your house.

Professional Mold Testing

When you call Mold Inspection Warriors at San Francisco and the area, you can rest assured we will be available for you and will arrive as soon as possible. Our local San Francisco technicians will use their expansive knowledge and experience to check your house for mold. Using the best chemical test kits and know-how they will be able to identify even the slightest sign of mold, determine its type, and pinpoint its location and origin.

In case they find mold in your house, they will treat it, clean it up, and thoroughly sanitize the infected area, to ensure there’s no mold residue left and to prevent it from returning.

Why is Mold So Hard to Notice?

Mold is just like fungus – it grows due to humidity, heat, and the lack of light. Due to that, mold usually appears in hidden places around the house, such as corners, basements, attics, bathroom walls, and the like. That is also why it is hard to notice when it first appears, and that is why it is crucial to test your house for mold from time to time.

Is It Possible to Prevent Mold from Appearing?

Well, it is not always possible to prevent mold from appearing in your house, and that is why you should never skip your regular mold testing, but there are a few things you can do in order to try and prevent it, such as getting plenty of sunlight into the house, especially to those hidden places and allow air to freely flow through those places as well – that might prevent it or delay it from appearing. Besides your regular test, if you notice dark spots on the walls or an unpleasant smell – call Mold Inspection Warriors at (415) 906-7770 and we will arrive to perform a professional mold testing and treatment.

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